Recipes From Famous Faces & Fabulous Places.

There are so many wonderful and interesting chefs, bakers and cooks around the country today, that we wanted to create a section specifically to feature a few of their recipes and their stories. Some have created small, wonderful, stand alone restaurants. Some have become part of unique hotels and spas, createing a dining experience that becomes part of their guests cheerished memories. And yet others have started out small only to see explosive growth by transforming their great recipes and business ideas into an Internet gift business providing wonderful creations for almost every ocassion.

I suppose we could have called this section, "Recipes for Success." Please enjoy.


Executive Chef Mary Nearn of Fuego restaurant at La Posada de Santa Fe Resort & Spa recently shared several of her most requested recipes with us. Her simple, yet elegant Chilled Lobster & Asparagus Salad, her succulent Oven Roasted Beef Tenderloin Caribbean with Sweet Potato Hash and Mustard Jus. And to complete this wonderful dining experience, her light and fluffy Orange Chiffon Cake.

Fuego is located on the grounds of La Posada de Santa Fe, A RockResort, which is situated on a six-acre, private estate in the heart of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Executive Chef Scott Radek of The Bighorn Steakhouse at The Keystone Lodge & Spa recently shared four of his most requested recipes with us. His Buckskin Butter and Cowbot Steak Rub that'll make your steak melt in your mouth. And his Lobster Salad and Tomato Puree 'Spiked' that's simply an experience of tantalizing fresh flavors.

The Bighorn Steakhouse is located on the grounds of The Keystone Lodge & Spa, A RockResort, which is surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains and beautiful White River National Forest of Keystone, Colorado.

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David's Cookies recently shared with, one of their very own cookie clone recipes for Chocolate Chunk Cookies. We were hoping for their actual secret recipe, but a realy exceptional copycat recipe is worth sharing with everyone as well.

We also talked with David's Cookies about how they got started and how their small company has grown and moved to the Internet to become a successful web-based cookie company offering a great selection of specialty gifts and products, perfect for every ocassion.

Click here to see David's Cookies Chocolate Chunk Cookies recipe.

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