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Baked Beans #7 (Old Fashioned)

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  1. Presoak beans. Drain. Combine dry ingredients and mix with beans; stir in other ingredients. Pour into 1 1/2 qt. or 2 qt. baking dish or bean pot. [Obviously, if you double the recipe like I did, you'll need a bigger pot :-] Pour in boiling water to cover. Cover. Bake at 300 degrees for 6 hours; add a bit of boiling water if needed. (Crock-pot method: cook on low 8-10 hours.)
  2. Comments: I just dumped everything on top of the beans and stirred them; then covered them with hot tap water. They took a lot longer than 10 hours to cook, but that might have been due to too-low heat on the crockpot. (Also, reportedly vinegar and other acid substances need to be added at the end of cooking else they'll make the beans tough.)
  3. These beans were *really* good. The caramelized onions were even better. I've enjoyed the beans plain, with barbecue sauce, and with spinach and corn added.
  4. Irrelevant comment: This is the closest I've followed a recipe (except for baking) in years. I hope y'all are suitably impressed ;-)

    Source: Aliza R. Panitz
    Submitted by: Recipe Group Member
    Date: March 12, 1995

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