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"F" Restaurant Recipes:

4th Street Grille

  1. 4th Street Grille-style Fettuccine with Portobella Mushrooms

50's Primetime Cafe

  1. 50's Primetime Cafe-style Pot Roast

411 West Italian Cafe

  1. 411 West Italian Cafe-style Baked Penne Rigate with Roasted Butternut Squash
  2. 411 West Italian Cafe-style Black Pepper Angel Hair with Smoked Salmon
  3. 411 West Italian Cafe-style Diner Onion and Artichoke Soup
  4. 411 West Italian Cafe-style Herb Rolls
  5. 411 West Italian Cafe-style Lamb Chops with Gorgonzola
  6. 411 West Italian Cafe-style Raspberry Black Satin Fudge Cake

Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Restaurant

  1. Fairmont Scottsdale Princess-style Chambord Chocolate Soup

Famous Barr's Restaurant

  1. Famous Barr's-style French Onion Soup

Famous Dave's Restaurant

  1. Famous Dave's-style Cajun Dynamite Dust
  2. Famous Dave's-style Corn Bread with Honey Jalapeño Glaze
  3. Famous Dave's-style Country Roast Chicken
  4. Famous Dave's-style Jumpin Juken Jiven All Day Beef Brisket
  5. Famous Dave's-style Legendary Pit Barbecue Ribs

Farnsworth House Restaurant

  1. Farnsworth House-style Pumpkin Fritters

Fat Boys BBD Ranch Restaurant

  1. Fat Boys BBD Ranch-style Beef Brisket
  2. Fat Boys BBQ Ranch-style Peach Cobbler
  3. Fat Boys BBQ Ranch-style Herb Crusted Jalapeño Pork Tenderloin

Fat Ronnies Restaurant

  1. Fat Ronnies-style Fried Onion Rings

Fats' Asia Bistro and Dim Sum Bar Restaurant

  1. Fats' Asia Bistro and Dim Sum Bar-style Singapore Noodles

Favori Restaurant

  1. Favori Restaurant-style Sizzling Catfish with Dill and Turmeric

Fazoli's Restaurant

  1. Fazoli's-style Breadsticks

Feast Your Eyes Gourmet Catering

  1. Feast Your Eyes Gourmet Catering-style Grilled Tenderloin of Pork with Papaya Salsa

Felix's Restaurant

  1. Felix's-style Chili Con Queso

Fenwick Catering

  1. Fenwick Catering-style Red Beans and Rice

Ferraro's Restaurant

  1. Ferraro's-style Farfalle Aragosta

Fiddler's Green Irish Pub Restaurant

  1. Fiddler's Green Irish Pub and Eatery-style Fish and Chips

Fiesta Cantina Restaurant

  1. Fiesta Cantina-style Devil's Toothpicks

Fifth Avenue Grill

  1. Fifth Avenue Grill-style Volcano Brownies

Fintons Landing Restaurant

  1. Finton's Landing-style Coffee Pecan Chews

Fire King Bistro

  1. Fire King Bistro-style Coconut and Macadamia Fried Shrimp

Firehouse Jack's Restaurant

  1. Firehouse Jack's-style Mustard BBQ Sauce

Fish Creek House Bed and Breakfast Restaurant

  1. Fish Creek House B & B's-style Catch of the Day Breakfast
  2. Fish Creek House B & B's-style Farmhouse Omelet
  3. Fish Creek House B & B's-style Montana Omelet
  4. Fish Creek House B & B's-style One Pan Breakfast
  5. Fish Creek House B & B's-style Open Faced Omelet
  6. Fish Creek House B & B's-style Scrambled Egg Breakfast Pizza

Flavor's Restaurant

  1. Flavor's Restaurant-style Spring Morel Mushroom Pasta

Flying Fish Cafe

  1. Flying Fish Cafe-style Banana Napoleons

Foreman Grill

  1. Foreman Grill-style Marinades

Four Peaks Brewing Company Restaurant

  1. Four Peaks Brewing Company-style Arizona Chicken Rolls

Four Square Restaurant

  1. Four Square-style Chocolate Brioche English Toffee Bread Pudding

Francesca's Gourmet Catering

  1. Francesca's Gourmet Catering and Cafe-style Seven Layers of Heaven

Frankie Johnnies Steakhouse Restaurant

  1. Frankie Johnnies Steakhouse-style Onion Soup

Franklin Street Bakery

  1. Franklin Street Bakery-style Chocolate Raspberry Tamales with White Chocolate Ice Cream

Franklins Restaurant

  1. Franklin's Homewood Gourmet-style Roast Pork Loin with Ginger Peach Chutney
  2. Franklin's Homewood Gourmet-style Spinach Mushroom Quiche

Frank's Sandbar and Grill

  1. Frank's Sandbar and Grill-style Key West Key Lime Pie

Frasher's Smokehouse Lounge Restaurant

  1. Frasher's Smokehouse Lounge-style Barbecue Rub
  2. Frasher's Smokehouse Lounge-style Pork Brine
  3. Frasher's Smokehouse Lounge-style Turkey Brine

Fratelli's Cafe

  1. Fratelli's Cafe-style Italiano Amaretto Cookies

Friends Coffee House

  1. Friends Coffee House-style Energy Bars

Frisch's Restaurant

  1. Frisch's-style Big Boy Tartar Sauce

From the Bayou Restaurant

  1. From the Bayou-style Chicken and Andouille Sausage Gumbo
  2. From the Bayou-style Crawfish Etouffee
  3. From the Bayou-style Crawfish Louisianne
  4. From the Bayou-style Mini Jalapeño Muffins

Frontera Grill

  1. Frontera Grill-style Mexican Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars
  2. Frontera Grill-style Tortilla Soup

Fuego Restaurant

  1. Fuego Restaurant-style Flaming Tequila Chicken Wraps

Full Moon Restaurant

  1. Full Moon Restaurant-style Tortilla Soup

Furnace Creek Inn Restaurant

  1. Furnace Creek Inn-style Crispy Cactus Appetizers
  2. Furnace Creek Inn-style Rattlesnake Empanada
  3. Furnace Creek Inn-style Death Valley Date Nut Bread

Furr's Cafeteria

  1. Furr's Cafeteria-style Billionaire Pie

III Forks Restaurant

  1. III Forks-style Off the Cob Cream Corn

The Fairmont Hotel Restaurant

  1. The Fairmont Hotel-style Famous Chocolate Fudge

The Farm of Beverly Hills Restaurant

  1. The Farm of Beverly Hills-style Brownies

The Firehouse Restaurant

  1. The Firehouse-style Chicken with Whiskey Sauce

The Flying Biscuit Cafe

  1. The Flying Biscuit Cafe-style Fried Green Tomatoes

The Fort Restaurant

  1. The Fort-style Chocolate Chile Cake with Chocolate Frosting and Port Cherries