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"G" Restaurant Recipes:

Gaetano's Restaurant

  1. Gaetano's Restaurant-style Bruschetta Dip

Gage and Tollners Restaurant

  1. Gage and Tollner's-style Filet Mignon Caesar Augustus

Galatoire's Restaurant

  1. Galatoire's-style Crabmeat Yvonne
  2. Galatoire's-style Trout Meuniere Amandine

Gallagher's Restaurant

  1. Gallagher's-style Guinness Stout and Filet Mignon Chili

Galt House Hotel Restaurant

  1. Galt House Hotel-style Rebecca Sauce and Strawberries

Gambardella's Restaurant

  1. Gambardella's-style Minestrone Soup

Garden Terrace Restaurant

  1. Garden Terrace-style Nori Wrapped Filet of Salmon

Garduno's Margarita Factory Restaurant

  1. Garduno's-style Margarita Factory Chipotle Pork Tenderloin

Garrett Popcorn Shops

  1. Garrett Popcorn Shops-style Crispy Caramel Corn

Gas Light Restaurant

  1. Gas Light Restaurant-style Pepper Corn Dressing

Gateway Lodge Restaurant

  1. Gateway Lodge-style Chicken Salad

Gator's Plaza Cafe

  1. Gator's Plaza Cafe-style Basil Marinated Shrimp
  2. Gator's Plaza Cafe-style Jalapeño and Bacon Baked Oysters
  3. Gator's Plaza Cafe-style Pan Fried Red Snapper with Crawfish Cream Sauce

Gautreau's Restaurant

  1. Gautreau's-style Walnut Pie

General Jackson Restaurant

  1. General Jackson-style Showboat Shrimp Scampi

General Tso's Restaurant

  1. General Tso's-style Chicken From Siam

Geppetto Restaurant

  1. Geppetto Restaurant-style Pizza Bianca

Germantown Cafe

  1. Germantown Cafe-style Banana Nut Bread French Toast
  2. Germantown Cafe-style Barbecue Beans

Geronimo Restaurant

  1. Geronimo-style Tequila Lime Tart

Giants Restaurant

  1. Giants-style Navajo Fry Bread

Giuseppe's Restaurant

  1. Giuseppe's-style Cioppino

Goatfeathers Restaurant

  1. Goatfeathers-style Hurricane Pasta

Godfather's Pizza

  1. Godfather's Pizza-style Antipasto Salad
  2. Godfather's Pizza-style Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

Golden Corral Restaurant

  1. Golden Corral-style Bourbon Chicken
  2. Golden Corral-style Bread Pudding
  3. Golden Corral-style Crab Salad

Golden Crown Restaurant

  1. Golden Crown House-style Special Chow Mein

The Golden Lemon Restaurant

  1. The Golden Lemon-style West Indian Bean Dip

Golden Rule Bar B Q Restaurant

  1. Golden Rule-style BBQ Tortellini with Creamed Spinach

Goldies Sports Cafe

  1. Goldies Sports Cafe-style Buffalo Chicken Focaccia Sandwich
  2. Goldies Sports Cafe-style Coleslaw
  3. Goldies Sports Cafe-style Green Chile Chicken Rolls

Goulash Place Restaurant

  1. Goulash Place-style Hungarian Goulash Soup

Graces Restaurant

  1. Grace's Restaurant-style Tangerine Margarita

Gramercy Tavern Restaurant

  1. Gramercy Tavern-style Tomato and Garlic Bread Soup

Gran Forno Italian Bakery

  1. Gran Forno Italian Bakery-style Favorite maretto Cookies

Grand Central Oyster Bar Restaurant

  1. Grand Central Oyster Bar-style Oyster Pan Roast

Grand Floridian Cafe

  1. Grand Floridian Cafe-style Chocolate Crusted Key Lime Pie

Grand Hotel Restaurant

  1. Grand Hotel-style Chilled Red Raspberry Soup
  2. Grand Hotel-style Shrimp a la Grand
  3. Grand Hotel-style Sweet Potato and White Corn Soup

Grandpas Cellar Restaurant

  1. Grandpa's Cellar-style French Toast with Raspberry Butter

Grandview Restaurant

  1. Grandview Restaurant-style Terrific Thai Tuna

The Grapefine Restaurant

  1. The Grapefine Restaurant-style Seafood Capri

Great American Cookie Company

  1. Great American Cookie Company's-style Chewy Pecan Cookie

Green Mill Brewing Company Restaurant

  1. Green Mill Brewing Company-style Spinach Dip

Green Shutter's Inn Restaurant

  1. Green Shutter's Inn-style Vidalia Onion Casserole

The Greenery Gabby Restaurant

  1. The Greenery-style Gabby Crabby

Greenfield Village Restaurant

  1. Greenfield Village-style Hobo Bread

Gregory's World Bistro

  1. Gregory's World Bistro-style Tandoori Style Chicken

Grey Moss Inn Restaurant

  1. Grey Moss Inn-style Olive Twists

Grizzly's Grill Saloon Restaurant

  1. Grizzly's Grill Saloon-style BBQ Pork Chops

Grove Park Inn Restaurant

  1. Grove Park Inn-style Shrimp Corn and Mushroom Soup

Guadalajara Grill Restaurant

  1. Guadalajara Grill-style Cilantro Rice
  2. Guadalajara Grill-style Guacamole
  3. Guadalajara Grill-style Spanish

Guadalupe Cafe

  1. Guadalupe Cafe-style Jalapeño Cheese Soup

Gullah House Restaurant

  1. Gullah House Restaurant-style Miss Hannah's Casserole

Gumbo Pot Restaurant

  1. Gumbo Pot-style Jambalaya