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"P" Restaurant Recipes:

50's Primetime Cafe

  1. 50's Primetime Cafe Pot Roast

Hotel Peabody Restaurant

  1. Hotel Peabody Vanilla Muffins

Pace One Restaurant

  1. Pace One Restaurant Grilled French Cut Chicken with Salsa

Pacific Cafe Restaurant

  1. Pacific Cafe Midori Cheesecake

Pacific Time Restaurant

  1. Pacific Time Tamarind Barbecue Sauce

Packard House Restaurant

  1. Packard House Lemon Tea Bread

Paesano's Restaurant

  1. Paesano's Calamari Gigantissimo

Pagano's Restaurant

  1. Pagano's Chicken Marsala
  2. Pagano's Rosalie Potatoes

Painted Lady Restaurant

  1. Painted Lady Restaurant Lemon Curd

Palace Cafe

  1. Palace Cafe Crabmeat Cheesecake

Paletta's Restaurant

  1. Paletta's Famous Italian Spaghetti Sauce & Meatballs

Palladio Restaurant

  1. Palladio Restaurant Muffuletta Spread

Palm Court Restaurant

  1. Palm Court Scampi Rrovencale

Palma Maria Restaurant

  1. Palma Maria Peanut Butter Pie

Panda Express Restaurant

  1. Panda Express Chow Mein
  2. Panda Express Orange Chicken
  3. Panda Express Spicy Chicken

Panda Inn Restaurant

  1. Panda Inn Hot Szechwan Tofu
  2. Panda Inn Kon Pao Chicken
  3. Panda Inn Panda Beef
  4. Panda Inn Special

Panera Bread Bakery Cafe

  1. Panera Bread Bakery Cafe Panera Bread Stuffing
  2. Panera Bread Bakery Cafe Tex Mex BLT
  3. Panera Bread Bakery Cafe Tomato Mozzarella Salad

Papagayo Restaurant

  1. Papagayo Green Corn Tamale Casserole

Pappadeaux Restaurant

  1. Pappadeaux Crawfish Bisque
  2. Pappadeaux Sweet Potato Pecan Pie with Bourbon Sauce

Pappasito's Cantina Restaurant

  1. Pappasitos Cantina Frijoles a la Charra
  2. Pappasitos Cantina Poblano Soup

Paradise Bakery

  1. Paradise Bakery Sugar Cookies
  2. Paradise Bar & Ggrill Conch Fritters

Parker House Restaurant

  1. Parker House Rolls

Parker's Lighthouse Restaurant

  1. Parker's Lighthouse Key Lime Pie

Partners Restaurant

  1. Partners Restaurant Pesto Pot Pie with Chicken

Pascal Manales Restaurant

  1. Pascal Manales Pepper Shrimp

Pasta Company Restaurant

  1. Pasta Company Duffy Clark's Minted Rice Salad

Pasta e Pani Restaurant

  1. Pasta e Pani Raviolo Aperto

Patinette Restaurant

  1. Patinette Rigatoni with Spicy Rock Shrimp

Patria Restaurant

  1. Patria Spiced Tropical Fruit Soup

Pat's King of Steaks Restaurant

  1. Pat's King of Steaks Philadelphia Cheese Steak Sandwich

Patti's 1880's Restaurant

  1. Patti's 1880's Restaurant Boo Boo Pie
  2. Patti's 1880's Restaurant Coconut Cake
  3. Patti's 1880's Restaurant Sawdust Pie

Peapod Restaurant

  1. Peapod Secret Butcher's Prime Rib

Pearl Oyster Bar Restaurant

  1. Pearl Oyster Bar Lobster Rolls

Pebble's Restaurant

  1. Pebbles Chocolate Bread Pudding
  2. Pebble's Portabello Mushroom Sandwich

Pedros Mexican Restaurante

  1. Pedros Mexican Restaurante Snickers Chimichanga

Peking Duck House Restaurant

  1. Peking Duck House Vegetable Soon

Penguins Restaurant

  1. Penguins Sea Grille Bananas Amaretto

Perini Ranch Restaurant

  1. Perini Ranch Steak Rub
  2. Perini Ranch Steakhouse Mesquite-a-Rita
  3. Perini Ranch Texas Beef Brisket

Perkins Nestaurant

  1. Perkins Banana Nut Muffins

Petroleum Club Restaurant

  1. Petroleum Club Bread Pudding

PF Changs China Bistro

  1. PF Changs' Cantonese Stir Fry Sauce
  2. PF Changs' Cellophane Noodle Salad
  3. PF Changs' Chicken with Black Bean Sauce
  4. PF Changs' Coconut Curry Vegetables
  5. PF Changs' Dan Dan Noodles
  6. PF Changs' Firecracker Shrimp
  7. PF Changs' Garlic Noodles
  8. PF Changs' Lemon Pepper Shrimp
  9. PF Changs' Lettuce Chicken Wraps
  10. PF Changs' Red Sauce Wontons
  11. PF Changs' Shrimp Dumplings
  12. PF Changs' Shrimp Fried Rice
  13. PF Changs' Singapore Street Noodles
  14. PF Changs' Steamed Fish with Ginger and Green Onions
  15. PF Changs' Szechwan Chicken Chow Fun
  16. PF Changs' Temple Longbeans
  17. PF Changs Roasted Chicken Cantonese-Style
  18. PF Changs' Spicy Chicken
  19. PF Changs' Steamed Halibut with Chili Lime Dressing
  20. PF Changs' Stir Fried Spicy Eggplant
  21. PF Changs' Singapore Street Noodles
  22. PF Changs' Apple Chai Cobbler
  23. PF Changs' Banana Spring Rolls
  24. PF Changs' Ginger Panna Cotta
  25. PF Changs' Shanghai Waldorf Salad
  26. PF Changs' Lemongrass Chicken Salad

Phantom Horse Grill Restaurant

  1. Phantom Horse Grill Grilled Portobello Mushroom Sandwich

Phillips Seafood Restaurant

  1. Phillips Seafood Fried Green Tomatoes
  2. Phillips Seafood Shrimp Salad

Phoenician Resort Restaurant

  1. Phoenician Resort Dried Cherry Scones


  1. Picadilly Cafeteria Carrot Bars
  2. Picadilly Cafeteria Carrot Souffle
  3. Picadilly Cafeteria Flavored Popcorn
  4. Picadilly Cafeteria Homemade Salsa
  5. Picadilly Cafeteria Lemon Ice Box Pie

Picanha Restaurant

  1. Picanha Restaurant Chicken Breasts Wrapped in Bacon

Picket Fence Restaurant

  1. Picket Fence Chef Bills Big Fat Greek Quiche

Pickled Parrot Restaurant

  1. Pickled Parrot Dry Rib Rub

Pier Four Restaurant

  1. Pier Four BBQ Stuffed Prawns
  2. Pier Four Frank Mary Clares Anniversary Dessert

Pigalls Restaurant

  1. Pigalls Fusion Chicken

Pine Cone Inn Restaurant

  1. Pine Cone Inn Chicken Salad

Pineapple Inn Restaurant

  1. Pineapple Inn Nectarine and Blueberry Clafouti

Pink House Restaurant

  1. Pink House Trifle

Pinnacle Peak Patio Restaurant

  1. Pinnacle Peak Patio Cowboy Beans

Pinon Grill

  1. Pinon Grill Roasted Potatoes

Pirates House Restaurant

  1. Pirates House Carolina Trifle
  2. Pirates House Cheesecake

Pittman House Restaurant

  1. Pittman House Restaurant ABC Sandwich

Pizza Hut Pizza

  1. Pizza Hut Inside a Pizza
  2. Pizza Hut Cavatini
  3. Pizza Hut Dessert Pizza
  4. Pizza Hut Original Pan Pizza Dough
  5. Pizza Hut Original PanPizza
  6. Pizza Hut Paper Thin Crust Pizza

Pizzeria Uno Pizza

  1. Pizzeria Uno Pizza Skins
  2. Pizzeria Uno Pizza

Planet Hollywood Restaurant

  1. Planet Hollywood Fajitas
  2. Planet Hollywood Guacamole
  3. Planet Hollywood Mexican Rice
  4. Planet Hollywood Penne Pasta with Rock Shrimp
  5. Planet Hollywood Pico de Gallo
  6. Planet Hollywood Spinach Dip
  7. Planet Hollywood Thai Shrimp Pasta

Plantation Restaurant

  1. Plantation Salad Dressing

Platinum Grill

  1. Platinum Grill Oyster Rockefeller Stew

Plaza lll the Steakhouse Restaurant

  1. Plaza lll The Steakhouse Steak Soup

Polo Grill Restaurant

  1. Polo Grill Blue Cornmeal Pork Tamales with Firecracker Flames
  2. Polo Grill Marinade #1
  3. Polo Grill Marinade #2

Ponderosa Steakhouse Restaurant

  1. Ponderosa Steakhouse Seafood Penne Pasta Salad

Ponzu Restaurant

  1. Ponzu Restaurant Chicken Wings with Caramel Black Pepper Glaze
  2. Ponzu Restaurant Sticky Hoisin Ribs

Popeye's Restaurant

  1. Popeye's Biscuits
  2. Popeye's Cajun Gravy
  3. Popeye's Cajun Rice
  4. Popeye's Crispy Crawfish Remoulade Salad
  5. Popeye's Red Beans and Rice

Porky's Drive In

  1. Porky's Drive In Chili

Port a Pitt Restaurant

  1. Port a Pitt BBQ Chicken

Portabellas Pantry Restaurant

  1. Portabellas Pantry Shrimp Dill Avocado Salad

Potawatomi Casino Restaurants

  1. Potawatomi Casino Restaurants Fry Bread

Prescott Brewing Company

  1. Prescott Brewing Company Artichoke Dip
  2. Prescott Brewing Company Mashers

President Casino Restaurant

  1. President Casino Potato Chowder

Printers Row Restaurant

  1. Printers Row Scalloped Potatoes with Jalapeño Chiles

Pronto Ristorante

  1. Pronto Ristorante Gnocchi di Potate alla Romana

Puffy Muffin Restaurant

  1. Puffy Muffin Artichoke Dip

The Prado Restaurant

  1. Puffy Muffin Artichoke Dip
  2. Puffy Muffin Artichoke Dip

The Publick House Restaurant

  1. Puffy Muffin Artichoke Dip