"S" Restaurant Recipes:

7 Gables Inn Restaurant

  1. 7 Gables Inn Creamy Banana Tiramisu

72 Market Street

  1. 72 Market Street Meatloaf

Sacramento Brewing Company

  1. Sacramento Brewing Company Baby Back Ribs
  2. Sacramento Brewing Company Seafood Pasta

Sage's Café

  1. Sage's Café Carrot Butter Pâté
  2. Sage's Café Rasta’s Raw Pesto Tossed Salad
  3. Sage's Café Shiitake Escargot’

Sak's Fifth Avenue Restaurant

  1. Sak's Fifth Avenue Strawberry and Lemon Trifle

Salem Tavern Restaurant

  1. Salem Tavern Maryland Corn Chowder

Salt Creek Restaurant

  1. Salt Creek Restaurant Knock You Nakeds

Salt Lick Restaurant

  1. Salt Lick Restaurant Peach Cobbler

Saltgrass Steakhouse Restaurant

  1. Saltgrass Steakhouse Honey Butter

Salty's Restaurant

  1. Salty's on Alki Black and White Cake
  2. Salty's White Chocolate Mousse Cake

Sam Arnold's Fort Restaurant

  1. Sam Arnold's Fort Restaurant Chocolate Chile Cake
  2. Sam Arnold's Fort-style Pickled Jalapeños

Sambuca Jazz Cafe

  1. Sambuca Jazz Cafe Maple Chicken Cream de Brie Sauce

Sammy's Woodfired Pizza Restaurant

  1. Sammy's Woodfired Pizza Chicken Satay
  2. Sammy's Woodfired Pizza Mahi Mahi Tacos

Sampan Seafood Restaurant

  1. Sampan Seafood Restaurant Seafood Treasure Basket

Sam's Cafe

  1. Sam's Cafe Golden Cauliflower
  2. Sam's Cafe Poblano Chicken Chowder
  3. Sam's Cafe Tequila Chicken Pasta
  4. Sam's Cafe Pasta Frittata

San Andreas Grill

  1. San Andreas Grill Blue Ridge Sirloin
  2. San Andreas Grill Inferno Ridge Dip
  3. San Andreas Grill Rustic Garlic Mashed Potatoes
  4. San Andreas Grill Serrano Chicken Sandwich
  5. San Andreas Grill Vegetable Kabobs

San Dar Restaurant

  1. San Dar Dutch Apple Dessert

The Sanderling Restaurant

  1. The Sanderling Crab Dip

Sander's Restaurant

  1. Sanders Caramel Frosting
  2. Sanders Hot Fudge

Hotel Santa fe Guanajuato Restaurant

  1. Hotel Santa fe Guanajuato Flan

Sapporo Restaurant

  1. Sapporo Komodo Dragon

Sarabeth's Restaurant

  1. Sarabeth's Restaurant Four Flowers Juice

Sauk Prairie Eagle Inn Restaurant

  1. Sauk Prairie Eagle Inn Easy Sour Cream Raisin Pie
  2. Schlotzsky's Restaurant

    1. Schlotzsky's bbq Chicken Pizza
    2. Schlotzsky's Chicken Caesar Salad
    3. Schlotzsky's Deli Bread
    4. Schlotzsky's Fiesta Chicken Sandwich
    5. Schlotzsky's Sandwich Rolls
    6. Schlotzsky's Sourdough Buns
    7. Schlotzsky's Large Original Sandwich
    8. Schlotzsky's Original Combination Pizza

    Schrafft's Restaurant

    1. Schrafft's Oatmeal Cookies
    2. Schrafft's Pumpkin Fudge

    Schreiner's Restaurant

    1. Schreiner's Restaurant Ritz Nut Torte

    Schwefel's Restaurant

    1. Schwefel's Stroganoff Soup

    Sea Freeze Ice Cream Shop

    1. Sea Freeze Ice Cream Shop Brownies

    Seamark Seafood Chef Restaurant

    1. Seamark Seafood Chef Bubba's Deviled Crabs
    2. Seamark Seafood Chef Bubba's Steamer Pot

    Semolina's Restaurant

    1. Semolina's Chicken Enchilada Pasta
    2. Semolina's Chicken Marsala
    3. Semolina's Chicken Parmesan
    4. Semolina's Double Cheeseburger Pasta
    5. Semolina's Jambalaya Pasta
    6. Semolina's Malibleu Salad
    7. Semolina's Marinara Sauce
    8. Semolina's Muffaletta Pasta
    9. Semolina's Spicy Thai Crawfish

    Seven Wives Inn

    1. Seven Wives Inn Sausage en Croute

    Shakey's Restaurant

    1. Shakey's Mojo Potatoes

    Shell's Restaurant

    1. Shell's Coconut Shrimp with Honey Ginger Lime and Garlic Sauce
    2. Shell's Shrimp and Garlic Pasta

    Sheraton Maui Restaurant

    1. Sheraton Maui Macadamia Nut Pineapple Banana Bread

    Shillitos Restaurant

    1. Shillito's Lazarus Cheesecake

    Shoney's Restaurant

    1. Shoney's Beef Cabbage Soup
    2. Shoney's Chicken Stir Fry
    3. Shoney's Chocolate Syrup
    4. Shoney's Country Fried Steak
    5. Shoney's Hot Fudge Sunday Cake
    6. Shoney's Marinated Mushrooms
    7. Shoney's Original Broccoli Cauliflower Cheese Soup
    8. Shoney's Original Clam Chowder
    9. Shoney's Original Hot Fudge
    10. Shoney's Original Strawberry Cheesecake
    11. Shoney's Original Strawberry Pie
    12. Shoney's Original Walnut Brownie
    13. Shoney's Pot Roast
    14. Shoney's Strawberry Fluff
    15. Shoney's Strawberry Pie
    16. Shoney's Syrup

    Sierra Pointe Restaurant

    1. Sierra Pointe Pinnacle Pistachio Crusted Brie Salad

    Silver Legacy Casino Restaurant

    1. Silver Legacy Casino Seafood Pan Roast

    Silver Spur Texas Smokehouse Restaurant

    1. Silver Spur Texas Smokehouse Tomato Florentine Soup

    The Singing Cricket Cafe

    1. The Singing Cricket Cafe Beef Stroganoff with Egg Noodles

    Sister Bay Cafe

    1. Sister Bay Cafe Pioneer Bread Pudding

    Sizzler Restaurant

    1. Sizzler Sizzlin Onion Stack Steak
    2. Sizzler Steak and Shrimp Scampi

    Skyline Lodge Restaurant

    1. Skyline Lodge Apple Cake

    Slickrock Cafe

    1. Slickrock Cafe Famous Canyonlands Burrito

    Slightly North of the Broad Restaurant

    1. Slightly North of Broad Maverick Grits

    Smokejacks Restaurant

    1. Smokejacks Savory Rubbed T-Bone Steak wiht Double Corn Pudding

    Snake Creek Grill Restaurant

    1. Snake Creek Grill Caramel Carrots
    2. Snake Creek Grill Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread
    3. Snake Creek Grill Rustic Apple Tart

    Solaris Restaurant

    1. Solaris Cheesecake

    Sonic Drive In

    1. Sonic Cherry Limeade
    2. Sonic Fritos Chili Cheese Wraps

    Sonny's Smokehouse Restaurant

    1. Sonny's Smokehouse BBQ Sauce

    Soren's Restaurant

    1. Soren's Restaurant Dilled Potatoes and Sour Cream

    Soul Fixins Restaurant

    1. Soul Fixins Restaurant Black Eyed Peas and Rice

    Soulful Soups Restaurant

    1. Soulful Soups Mexicana Chicken Soup

    Southend Brewery and Smokehouse

    1. Southend Brewery and Smokehouse Charleston Grits

    Spaghetti Factory Restaurant

    1. Spaghetti Factory Meatballs
    2. Spaghetti Factory Spaghetti with Mizithra Cheese
    3. Spaghetti Factory Wedding Soup

    Spago's Restaurant

    1. Spago's Apple Strudel
    2. Spago's Chocolate Zabaglione

    Spahn's Big Horn Mountain Bed and Breakfast Restaurant

    1. Spahn's Big Horn Mountain Bed and Breakfast Buffalo Burgundy

    St. Anthony Wyndham Hotel

    1. St. Anthony Wyndham Hotel Fruit Punch

    St. Louis Bread Company

    1. St. Louis Bread Company Baby Hot Browns
    2. St. Louis Bread Company Coffee Bread Pudding
    3. St. Louis Bread Company Sourdough Round Sandwich

    St. Regis Hotel and Spa

    1. St. Regis Hotel and Spa White Chocolate Martini

    The Stage Deli Restaurant

    1. Stage Deli Cheese Blintzes

    Stanford Court Hotel

    1. Stanford Court Hotel Cream of Artichoke Soup

    Star Canyon Restaurant

    1. Star Canyon Restaurant Tamale Tart with Red Pepper Custard


    1. Starbucks Caramel Apple Cider
    2. Starbucks Caramel Scones
    3. Starbucks Date Scone
    4. Starbucks Espresso Coffee Popsicles
    5. Starbucks Frappuccino
    6. Starbucks Italian Date Thumbprints
    7. Starbucks Mocha Slush
    8. Starbucks Orange Oatmeal Flat Scone
    9. Starbucks Spiced Holiday Coffee

    Stardust Resort Casino

    1. Stardust Resort Casino Crab Salad

    Steak 'n Ale Restaurant

    1. Steak 'n Ale Chili
    2. Steak 'n Ale Marinade
    3. Steak 'n Ale Spicy Chicken Pasta

    Steamers Restaurant

    1. Steamers Miso Seared Chilean Seabass

    Stokes' Adobe Restaurant

    1. Stokes' Adobe Green Tomato Jam

    Stone Creek Restaurant

    1. Stone Creek Restaurant Mile High Lemon Chiffon Pie

    Stouffer's Restaurant

    1. Stouffer's French Coconut Pie

    Strawberry Patch Restaurant

    1. Strawberry Patch Blue Cheese Dressing

    Stuckey's Restaurant

    1. Stuckey's Pecan Log Rolls

    Stumps Supper Club Restaurant

    1. Stumps Supper Club Fall Off The Bone Ribs

    Subway Restaurant

    1. Subway Sweet Onion Dressing

    Such is Life Restaurant

    1. Such is Life Ensalada de Nopales Azteca
    2. Such is Life Queso Fundido de Nopales

    Sultan's Kitchen Restaurant

    1. Sultan's Kitchen Spicy Char Grilled Kofta Shish Kebab

    Summerfield's Restaurant

    1. Summerfield's Tortilla Soup

    Summit Inn Restaurant

    1. Summit Inn Beer Battered Fish

    Sunrise Cafe

    1. Sunrise Cafe Garlic Cheese Spread

    Sunset Grill Restaurant

    1. Sunset Grill Chocolate Bananas Foster Cake with Orange Foster Caramel Sauce

    Sur la Table Restaurant

    1. Sur la Table Chipotle Asadero Ravioli with Roasted Corn and Avocado Sauce
    2. Sur la Table Fried Banana Chocolate Ravioli with Chocolate Rum Sauce

    Sussie's Bakery

    1. Sussie's Bakery Famous Caramel Cake

    Sutter Home Winery

    1. Sutter Home Winery Napa Red Chili

    Swan Terrace Restaurant

    1. Swan Terrace Chocolate Beggars Purse with Raspberries

    Sweet Auburn Bread Company

    1. Sweet Auburn Bread Company Sweet Potato Cheesecake

    Sweet Basil Restaurant

    1. Sweet Basil Tiramisu Custard

    Swiss Chalet Restaurant

    1. Swiss Chalet Chicken Sauce

    Sylvia's Restaurant

    1. Sylvia's Black Eyed Pea Salad
    2. Sylvia's Cornbread
    3. Sylvia's Macaroni and Cheese
    4. Sylvia's Signature Bread Pudding
    5. Sylvia's Smothered Pork Chops
    6. Sylvia's World Famous Talked About Spareribs

    Symposium Mediterranean Restaurant

    1. Symposium Mediterranean Restaurant Portabella Soup