Stump's Supper Club Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs


  • 1 oz paprika
  • 1/2 oz black pepper
  • 1 oz garlic powder
  • 2 oz dark brown sugar
  • 20 oz pure sugar cane
  • 5 oz seasoning salt


Start with one rack of ribs per person. You must peel or cut the membrane on the backside of the rack if the butcher has not done this. Thaw all racks of ribs. Completely cover each rack with "dry rub" seasoning. Pour liquid smoke and water in the bottom of the broiler pan. Place all racks of ribs on the top of the broiler pan.

Pre-heat oven to 240° F. Cover broiler pan tightly with plastic wrap. Then cover the plastic wrap with aluminum foil. Bake at 240° F for 8 hours (this is "low" and "slow").

Remove all racks from oven and let them stand for 30 minutes. (This will ensure that the ribs will hold together when grilled.) Turn grill on and set it between the medium and high settings. Brush Stumps original recipe or Dixie Sweet BBQ Sauce (pig paint) on the ribs. Place each rack of ribs on the grill "bones up" to flash them. Continue to brush on your favorite BBQ sauce to taste. Flip each rack of ribs on both sides and cook until the "bones sizzle."/p> Makes 4

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